How To Keep Your Wedding Unique And Luxurious

How To Keep Your Wedding Unique And Luxurious

Are you planning your wedding and want your special day to be even more special and unique? Do you want something different for your future spouse and your guests that will really show off your personal sense of style and character? You have already chosen the perfect spouse, the perfect ring and the perfect venue, why not take everything to the next level of refinement?

     Many people plan their wedding with their own needs in mind and while there isn’t anything wrong with that, it might leave their guests feeling a bit “put off”. After all, the wedding guests often spend hundreds of dollars to attend and help celebrate your special day, so why not make it special for them as well?

     A unique and luxurious wedding is the best way to do both. Give your spouse the best day of her life and give your friends something to talk about for years to come. If this sounds like an idea that is right up your alley, keep reading as The Art Of Refinement is going to share with you some tips and ideas that will help make your wedding unique and luxurious. From the wedding ceremony, to the reception, let’s take a look at some ways to make your wedding more unique and more luxurious:

Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique And Luxurious

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails- cocktails before the wedding ceremony? Yes, and your guests will love it! Any time you attend a wedding, you don’t expect a cocktail until the reception begins. Pre-ceremony cocktails will add a luxe feel to your ceremony.

Special Ring Ceremony- from special ring bearers and personalized vows, to special lighting effects and more, there are many ways that you can turn your ring ceremony into the highlight of your wedding. Your wedding rings symbolize a special bond of unity and the exchanging of the rings should be a memorable part of your day.

Unique Guest Transportation- from hot air balloons to luxury cars and party buses, today’s trendy weddings are using unique guest transportation to take their guests from the ceremony to the reception in style.

A Luxe Reception Lounge- adding a lounge area to your reception venue can give it a more luxurious, upscale appeal and make it easier for people to have conversations and actually hear each other, rather than trying to talk over the music and dancing in the reception area. Your lounge should be as luxe as possible with its own staffed bar and hor d'oeuvres.

A Champagne Bar- yes, your bar should serve champagne, and lots of it, but why not add an additional bar that serves only champagne? Add-ins can be made available and will help make toast time that much more special.

Midnight Snacks- by the time midnight rolls around, the reception party is in full swing and your guests might be considering leaving due to hunger. This is when your catering staff brings out the midnight snacks! With a selection of pub food, your guests can feed their hunger and stay longer.

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