How to Stylishly Refine your Wardrobe

How to Stylishly Refine your Wardrobe

The Art of Refinement Style Guru...

Where do i start? This is the most common challenge a man has when he wants to upgrade his wardrobe. Many of us have asked ourselves this question countless times. Today you will have answers. 

Here we go... Prepare to be Refined.

To start, You must determine your budget, if applicable. The larger your budget, the quicker you can build your wardrobe. The smaller your budget, the more PATIENT you must be.

Here are 5 steps to Refining your wardrobe 

  1. Purge your current closet and at a minimum, cut you wardrobe in half. As you get your closet built up, revisit and purge older items again.
  • Recommendations: Immediately target your shirts. In my opinion, its best to have less than ten. Any more is unnecessary.  


2.  Build a foundation of classic pieces that will last through the trends. The following are a few               suggestions that are the essentials to any closet.

  • 1 Blazer - Solid color in blue, navy, black or gray.
  • 3-5 Oxford dress shirts. Colors in whites and blues.
  • 3-5 pair of denim and 2-3 pairs of chinos. Chinos in colors in brown, black and gray.
  • 2-3 sweaters. 1 V-neck, 1 cardigan and 1 shawl. stick with classic colors (blue, navy, brown, black, gray)
  • 1 pair of dress shoes on brown or black.
  • 1 Topcoat/Jacket. Colors in camel (brown) or black.
  • 1 Leather belt in black or brown.
  • Minimum of 1 pair of sneakers. Classic or Modern style in white colors.
3. Congratulations, you've upgraded the foundation pieces of your wardrobe. Now it's time to Redefine the new you.  We suggest searching on social media (Instagram & Pinterest) to find styles that you like. Create a board and/or save the photos as a reference for later
  • Recommendation: Spend a minimum of two weeks searching and refining your ideas. Once you've found great sources of inspiration, begin purchasing those items or similar items pending your budget.
4. Focus on accessories. This is a wide open topic. Here's some ideas:
  • Watches, Rings, Cuffs, Hats, etc.
This area is all personal preference. Be selective and go for the style that you are seeking. Find additional sources from social media if needed.
5. Once you've got steps 1-4 built up, it's time to focus on finding unique pieces. This could be vintage, modern or a limited run collaborations of styles. This is your " Statement or "Conversation' piece.
Special thanks to the AOR Style Guru...
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Prepare to be Refined... 


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