Remastered A Whole New Lease On Life To Car Parts

Remastered A Whole New Lease On Life To Car Parts

Since the very first car rolled off the assembly line back in the late 1800’s, the world has been fascinated by automobiles. Men and women alike are passionate about their cars, and everyone has a favorite that they wish they didn’t sell or a dream car that they want to own someday. If you are as passionate about your car as you are of your significant other, this post was written with you in mind.

Handcrafted Masterpieces

Created especially for you gearheads out there, The Art Of Refinement’s Gear Heads selection includes some interesting, if not innovative, works of art that make use of a wide range of car parts, machine parts and more. These handcrafted masterpieces give new life to old car parts and keeps them from ending up being recycled and turned into something much less appealing and a lot less cool!

Uniquely Designed, Artisan Crafted

     Always known for their daring style and innovation, The Art Of Refinement has partnered with Moment Fabrications to bring their discerning clientele a collection of uniquely designed, artisan crafted display pieces that will look just as good in your office, living room, workshop or anywhere you feel the need to appreciate gearhead art.

     Each piece in the collection is made using 100% real car parts, machine parts, gears, nuts, bolts and more! These heavy metal sculptures measure up to 12 inches tall or more and can weigh up to 10 pounds. Any one of these pieces would make the perfect gift for that gearhead in your life, or buy one for yourself and show off your true personality and gearhead pride!

Each Piece Is Made To Order

     From their Hardware Butterfly and Cactus Nail Wine Holder, to their Tranny Gear Clock, Mechanical Football and more, Moment Fabrication and The Art Of Refinement have created a truly unique collection of modern gearhead art. Each piece is made to order, but it only takes a couple of weeks to receive your custom made work of art. Trust us, these are worth the wait.

     To see the full collection of Moment Fabrication’s exclusive line of gearhead art, visit The Art Of Refinement today and click on the Gear Heads category. You will find a wide selection of custom pieces, all designed by gearheads, for gearheads!

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