The Future Of Tech-Where Will We Be In 10 Years?

The Future Of Tech-Where Will We Be In 10 Years?

While technology has advanced quite rapidly throughout the 1900’s, it wasn’t until the last part of that century that we really began to see some useful improvements in the way we live.

     As the second decade of the 21st century is coming to a close, we have experienced an accelerated pace of technological development. Since 2009, we saw a lot of changes and improvements on a yearly basis with some technological advances surpassing previous models within weeks or months. With that being said, it’s easy to wonder what we will see by the year 2029.

The Future Of Tech-Where Will We Be In 10 Years? 

Artificial Intelligence Will Nearly Match Human Intelligence- various AI implementations have shown that machines can learn and think on their own and they are getting better at it with very few additional instructions. Improved neural networks and AI algorithms will make AI a near match for human intelligence by the end of 2020’s.

Virtual Reality Beginning To Replace Normal Reality- it’s a fact that our normal reality has limitations and, in some cases, even restricts our imagination. We want to see, smell, hear and touch many things. At the moment, virtual reality implementation is mostly used for gaming and other entertainment purposes, but in 10 years, VR could be used for marketing, learning, business conferences and virtual travel. There could be special VR rooms to enhance the experience. People will no longer just see and hear, but they could also smell and feel using VR and AR.

Delivery Drones- delivery drones are a sensible future pathway in the evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles. With GPS technology and cameras, it’s technologically possible to automatically send drones to the location of customers. After the identity of the recipient is confirmed, the product will be released for delivery. In fact, Amazon has been testing the potential uses of delivery drones for the past few years. 

Improved Solar Energy- solar cells are not the only way to harness solar energy. Innovative implementations have taken place and solar towers are being constructed by multiple countries around the world. They work by collecting focused sunlight using hundreds of computer-controlled mirrors directed to the top of the tower. The heat is intense enough to generate steam for turbines.

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