Top Women’s Fashion Trends For 2019

Top Women’s Fashion Trends For 2019

     Major designers are united in their search for the next expression of women’s empowerment. They are being judged in every show and every detail is highly scrutinized. Modern fashion determines how others envision women and today’s woman needs to be conscious about what she wears and what kind of image that she wants to project. Whether you want a casual look, or something more professional, staying on top of the current trends in fashion will help you achieve your look and feel more confident and more beautiful.

Here Are The Top Emerging Women Fashion Trends For 2019

Wonky Couture- this trend is based on the couture gowns from the 50’s and 60s, which are reworked as more casual and much shorter pieces. It can be matched with a pair of trainers to become daily fashion wear for more casual women.

Square Toes- last year, we saw the revival of 90’s elements - fluffy accessories, satin skirts, slip dresses and even frosted lip shades made a comeback. The square toe is another well-known 90’s trend and it’s having a renaissance in 2019.

 Low Key Utility- this trend is proof of how designers are taking unexpected approaches to women’s fashion. The idea is that if you can be a versatile multitasker, so should your clothes. The low key utility trend is characterized by patch pockets and tool belt-like accessory across the body. It also matches well with Embroidered Wool Knit Leggings and dusky hues.

Oversized Hats- it appears that top brands are vying for the next cult status with interesting classic fashion incarnations. That includes oversized hats which may become the highlight of summer this year. 

Knee-Length Shorts- cycling shorts stole the show in 2018 and we could see a strong emergence of knee-length and tailored versions in 2019. It’s a summer go-to fashion for young women who prefer a more boyish alternative to standard summer looks.

Tighter Micro Pleats- micro pleats have had quite a successful run in 2018 and this year, they will become more intricate. With a tighter design, micro pleats should deliver maximum impact with more flexible movement and a more prominent silhouette. This look can be accessorized with an Azure Skinny Ratchet Belt to give it a more polished, elegant look.

Hippy Modernism- characterized by sensual elements, saturated in sunset and desert hues, hippy modernism includes a wide range of looks as well as raffia accessories, crochet pieces and amulet jewellery. The look of hippy modernism is dominated by clashing geometric prints, sun-kissed hues, artisan knits, scarf dresses, crocheted shoulder sacks and fringing. Paired with a composite turquoise and titanium ring, the hippy modernism look is perfect for those summer festivals.

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