Eco Sheep Bicycle Chain Lubricant

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 The Art of Refinement is the Exclusive North American Distributor of Eco Sheep products. We are a Bulk Supplier.

Eco Sheep Lubricants are the only truly eco-friendly option on the market that's totally safe to the touch. Derived from a proprietary blend of 100% sustainable sheep's' wool and vegetable oil.

  •  Lanolin-Based Eco-Friendly Bike Chain Lube
  • Petroleum Free
  • EPA SAfer Choice
  • USDA Bio Preferred Approved Chain Lube
  • PTFE and Paraffin Wax Free


  •  SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE  When you use Eco Sheep chain lubricant, you are making the conscious decision to make our planet happy, without having to sacrifice performance. Eco Sheep performs just as well as petroleum based lubricants and is perfect for all riders. Eco Sheep is perfect for all riders because when applied properly it repels dirt, grime and water while keeping your chain quiet.
  • NATURAL SOLUTION  Have you ever looked at our competitors bottle.  You will see warning labels like Harmful or fatal if swallowed and Keep out of reach from children. Eco Sheep bike chain lubricant is the only truly eco-friendly option on the market that is totally safe to the touch. Derived from a proprietary blend of sustainable sheep's wool and vegetable oil, Eco Sheep is people and planet friendly.
  • EASILY LUBE YOUR CHAIN  Our specially designed brush applicator helps you quickly and evenly apply Eco Sheep to your entire chain. You can also drip lube on each gear by holding it slightly above the chain, if you prefer the traditional method. Wipe away excess lubricant from the outside of the chain with a rag and you are ready to roll.
  • NO WORRY GUARANTEE - Eco Sheep is USDA Certified Bio-based and meets EPA Safe Choice Standards. We went above and beyond to get meet these prestigious industry standards because we care deeply about keeping dangerous chemicals out of the environment and your home.