Electric Hoverboards by Sapphire

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Be Unique... Be Impressive... We are crazy about these Hoverboards and you will be too... 

AOR is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of Sapphire Boards exclusive partners to introduce our members to their awesomely unique electric hoverboards.  They are Limited Editions and we have Limited Quantities. Order today before someone purchases your hoverboard.

They are Built Differently. All the groundbreaking things that the Sapphire 01 can do, are driven by patented BoardSense Technology. The State of the art hardware components deliver premium dependability you can count on for years to come.

The Sapphire Mobile App provides full 360 personalized board control. This means that you can calibrate your riding distance,adjust board dynamics such as acceleration, top speed and breaking strength. As a result you can manually operate your board from your trusted phone.

Enjoy the video... 


Hoverboard Specs:

  • 32" L X 9.8" W X 505" H 
  • Board Thickness: A razor 1" Thin
  • Weight: 13 lbs ( Feather light )
  • 90 MM Dual Hub - 1000W
  • Wheel Dimensions: 88 mm 
  • Wheel hardness: 80a
  • 97wh lithium polymer battery ( Airline friendly battery )
  • Max load weight: 260 lbs

Hoverboard Material:

  • Maple wood & Fiberglass composite decking

Hoverboard Features:

  • Built-in weight sensing technology
  • Remote-free riding experience
  • Traction control for all weather conditions
  • Speed: up to 22 mph
  • Range:14 miles
  • 90 mins recharging time
  • 20% hill climbing grade
  • Regenerative braking
  • Waterproof rating: IP64

Hoverboard Technology Features:

  • Dual In-wheel hub motors offer industry leading power
  • Smart turn: Lets you roll the board to turn
  • Adjustable time out: Lets you set how long the board stays on before shutting off
  • Mobile app offers Over the air software updates to enhance performance
  • Calibration mode: Calibrate preferred riding stance for added control & sensitivity
  • Ride Adjustments: fine tune each aspect of the riding experience such as speed, acceleration, breaking, etc...
  • Dynamic Sensor Plates: allowing riders to effortlessly swap sensor configurations for a different ride preference
  • Battery monitoring: allowing complete control over battery usage thorough mobile app
  • Quick connect: simply step in range to connect the 01 via bluetooth
  • Smart Breaks: allowing board to lock wheels when rider steps off

Time needed to ship: 5-12 business days




We hope that you really enjoy your purchase of the Sapphire 01 Hoverboard. 

Enjoy and Prepare to be Refined....