Badge Holder Wallet GOVO T4 - Aluminum


Give your ID badges the perfect home with a 2-in-1 wallet and badge holder!

Whether you are in the Tech sector, Governmental, Security or just concerned about your information, The Art of Refinement has the perfect solution for you. 

 Introducing the one-of-a-kind GOVO T4 Badge Holder Wallet that's built to last.

From licenses to credit cards to ID badges needed for work, we all need a place to put such important items. The durable and lightweight design will keep all your cards safe and secure, eliminating the worry about losing your items. The sleek appearance of the badge holder makes it easy to carry and attach to any belt, pocket, backpack, or keychain. 

Inspired by the military, the body frame of the badge holder is machined one by one by CNC machine. This technology allows the body frame of each badge holder to be made from one solid piece of Aluminum. 

  • Durable design: 2mm thick polycarbonate screen and body frame secured by steel fasteners.
  • Badge holder, wallet 2 in 1: It holds 1-4 cards, allowing you to use it as a wallet as well.
  • Built-in metal connector: The connector for the lanyard is made from manganese steel and secured by steel fastener to the holder. 
  • Steel spring card holding system: No matter if it's loaded with 1 card or 4 items, the internal spring card holding system holds the card(s) securely. Unlike plastic snaps, the steel spring keeps its elasticity almost forever.
  • Screen with improved transparency: Barcode, photos, or small texts are clearly visible from the high transparency polycarbonate screen.
  • Anti-Scratch design: Ribs on the inner screen prevent scratches being made when moving cards in and out.
  • Size: 3.9"L x 2.7"W x 0.4"H
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Material: Aluminum


Are you thinking that " This is not enough protection " ??? Then add our GOVO RFID Card and lanyard for complete carrying protection. 

Time needed to ship: 5-12 business days


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