Knife Duo Infinity Set by Deejo

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We at The Art of Refinement are passionate about the high-end products we offer, and this Duo Infinity Knife Set by Deejo is no exception to the rule! Featuring an infinity blade tattoo, a coralwood front handle with black finish, and a stainless blade, this custom camping cutlery is as perfect for using in the great outdoors as it is when you are serving steak at the dinner table. Shop our entire selection of custom knife sets, available for an affordable price from The Art of Refinement!


  • 3.75" mirror finish Z40C13 stainless blade.
  • Pocket clip.
  • Set of two. Infinity blade tattoo.
  • Coralwood front handle with black finish stainless back handle


  • Length: 4.38 Inches closed
  • Weight: 0.62lbs

Time needed to Ship: 3-12 Business Days Delivery pending Origin.

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