Matte Black Keycaddy by Liquid Carry

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At The Art of Refinement, We are Crazy about uniquely designed key holders. We hope are are too, because we have plenty key holders and key organizers for you to browse! Check out this amazing Keycaddy from Liquid Carry.

Organize your keys in a slim, sleek, and stealthy holder! The Matte Black Key Caddy takes keychains to the next level with a compact, multi-function knife style design that gives you access to your keys with just a flick of the wrist. Available in 3 options: with Brass screws, with Silver screws, or with Black screws, this Matte Black Keycaddy by Liquid Carry is one of the best key caddies (key organizers) on the market. 


  • Transform your keys into a fashion statement by upgrading from your parents' key ring
  • Accommodates (8) keys
  • Additional loop for key fobs and car keys
  • Easy assembly and minimal upkeep
  • Eliminates all key jingle for quiet entrance and exit
  • TSA approved - safe to bring through the airport
  • Built-in washers elevate your keys slightly to prevent scraping against the Key Caddy body
  • Includes washers to accommodate thicker keys
  • Keys must have a 4 mm plus hole diameter and be 2.76” in length or less

 Time needed to Ship: 2-12 Days Delivery pending Origin.

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