Nitrile Gloves - Per Case = 10boxes or 1000 Gloves

Save 57%

3-5 MIL Thickness

We offer various high quality glove brands and they all will meet minimum glove specifications.

They are Latex Free, Powder Free, Textured and Disposable.

Nitrile provides better elasticity than vinyl and better puncture resistance than latex or vinyl. It also offers better abrasion resistance than chloroprene and reduces the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Powder-free leaves no residue reducing the risk of contamination compared to a powdered glove and is ambidextrous. 

  • Latex-free
  • Textured Finger tip.
  • No powder lubricant added.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Suitable for Medical use, Industial use and/or Cleaning applications.
  • Minimum Tensile is greater than 14 mpa
  • Minimum Elongation is 500% before aging


Sizes: Medium / Large / X-Large (100 pieces/box)

BULK PURCHASE ONLY!  Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Case