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At The Art of Refinement ,our goal is to always provide products to enhance the Uniqueness and Individuality of the Modern Day Man. This watch reflects our commitment to offer the Best of the Best. Enjoy...

Introducing the LIMITED EDITION Quantus V3 Mayan by Egard.


The Tzolk'in is the official name for the Mayan religious calendar that consisted of 260 days; the days each had a name and a number from one to thirteen. It was primarily used for religious practices, predictions, and even infant naming. When a Mayan infant was born, he or she would be given the name that corresponded with their date of birth. The Tzolk'in is represented by three interlocking dials that correlate with the year, month and day. Modern Mayans still use this system today to mark special events such as weddings, religious ceremonies, holidays and coronations.

The Quantus V2-Mayan edition features a uniquely intricate engraving of the Tzolk'in calendar as well as limited edition numbering to mark your timepiece as your own. The level of detail on the caseback is one rarely seen on a timepiece and offers an artistic element hidden until the watch is removed from one's wrist to display.

The oblong case and crystal found on the Quantus is a trademarked specialty of the Égard brand. The sapphire crystal placed in the Quantus is one of the most difficult crystal shapes to cut, making this unique watch for men an ideal gift idea. The oblong nature of the crystal must fit perfectly in the case which is a challenge in itself. The crystal is curved on top and bottom, and has a curvature throughout the entire crystal as well to wrap the case. If you've been searching for a luxury watch online with flair and charisma, your search has ended with Egard and The Art of Refinement.


  • Colors: Black
  • Case Thickness: 43mm two piece curved 316L stainless steel case with AA coating
  • Strap: 22mm with high grade rubber
  • Case back: "Mayan" Limited Edition with unique numbering on caseback
  • Dial: Carbon Fiber multi layered dial
  • Crystal: Double curved sapphire coated crystal
  • Movement: Dual balance wheel with automatic movement
  • Rotation: Rotating disk hour & minute hands
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM / 50 meter water resistant
  • Material: Stainless Steel & high grade rubber 


This luxury men's timepiece has overwhelming demand and very limited batches are made due to the complexity of manufacturing and time that goes in to it. The pre-order is a large discount off the final MSRP and will reserve your piece so that it ships immediately once it is in stock. You get a great discount and you are guaranteed to get the timepiece once production is finished.

      Time needed to ship: 2-12 business days

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